-Moles, Armadillos and other Lawn Pest Control​​ 

​-Soil Testing

-Turf Disease Diagnostics & Treatment

-Fescue Seeding

-Leaf Removal

-Lawn Scalping/ Dethatching



(Our background is in turf & weed science and we're very good at it!)


    Our goal at GreenMaster is to create and maintain beautiful, high quality lawns & landscape sites throughout Northern Oklahoma.

    As a “Green" company, we strive to do this as naturally & safely as possible. We've reduced our carbon footprint by adopting environmentally safer lawncare practices. 

    GreenMaster is not a franchise but a small local business since 1999. Our lawns are greener for a reason. The proof is in the results.
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Spray It & Forget It

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Other Seasonal Services:

Lawn Mowing & Grooming

Sprinkler Installation

Trenchless Irrigation

Turf Fertilization & Weed Control

Accredited Business Bureau

Clean Energy

Our Lawns are Greener for a Reason!