Our Lawns are Greener for a Reason!

Environmentally Friendlier Weed Control & Fertilizers

Less Growth Flush / Consistent Color

Spray Notifications Available

More Pet Friendly

Weed Insurance

Safer For You & Safer For The Community

Convenient Payment Options

Sifi: (Spray It & Forget It) Safer lawn care that works!

​​​Grub Treatments

Mole Treatments

Armadillo Repellant Applications

Soil Testing

Turf Disease Diagnostics & Treatments

​​​​​​​​​​​This alternative program is limited to weed suppression only - good enough for those who aren't looking for  "Lawn of the Month" - may have to tolerate some weeds. Recommended for those with large acreage or on a budget.​​


No Fertilizer

Only 3 applications

No extra weed control

​Pay per treatment

Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control

Our Sifi lawns are greener for a reason, the proof is in the results, and the results speak for themselves

The Basic Plan (Our economy option)

Optional Services

This carefully designed program combines timing & natural science with personal service to achieve a healthier, greener & safer lawn, all season long. Our program is Phosphorus (P) Free and environmentally friendly. With prolonged service and correct watering, our customers enjoy outstanding weed control, desirable deep green color, and more consistent growth with less flushing.  Our Lawns Are Greener for a Reason. The proof is in the results, and the results speak for themselves.  

R eliable consulting & recommendations 
E nvironmentally friendly lawn care plan
S eason-long turf fertilization
U nlimited “On-Call” weed control
(after initial fall treatment)
L awn “Weed Insurance”
(after initial fall treatment)
T oughest pre-emergent weed control available
S afer for your family, safer for the environment