The Basic Weed Control Plan (Our economy option)

This “budget-minded” program is the minimum service we offer, and the least expensive. Reasonably priced, it focuses on basic weed control only.  Recommended for those with large acreage or on a budget.

When lawns are thick and lush, they naturally resist weeds better. This professional lawn treatment program combines, perfectly, the right touch of weed control with fertilizer to achieve results that speak for themselves. 

Results that speak for themselves

Spring & Fall Basic Weed Control Only, no warranty
No Fertilizer (but available with extra charge)
Pay per treatment
Warm-season grass only (no Fescue)                                                            

Our Sifi lawns are greener for a reason, the proof is in the results, and the results speak for themselves

Good weed control at an affordable price

Other Services

       E-Doorhangers w/ Instructions & Tips

        Spray Notifications Available

        Weed Insurance

        Fewer Visits, Less Exposure, Better Results

        Convenient Payment Options

R eliable deep green color (consistently green)
E xcellent weed control (w/ weed insurance)
S afer lawn care practices
U nlimited “On-Call” weed control hotline
L onger lasting treatments
T ake off your shoes and stroll in the grass worthy
S atisfaction of money well spent

​​​Grubs, Moles & Armadillo Treatments

Lawn Aeration & Dethatching

Fescue Over-Seeding

Soil Testing & Analysis

Turf Disease Diagnostics & Treatments

Our Lawns are Greener for a Reason!

Sifi Lawn Treatment Program:  (Spray It & Forget It)