Stillwater Sprinkler Co. is a division of GreenMaster. We have over 20 years of experience installing automatic underground sprinkler systems. Stillwater Sprinkler is a separate crew within GreenMaster that does only one thing, install sprinkler systems, and we’re pretty good at it. With one of our sprinkler systems you'll save water and finally be free from dragging the hose. Call (405) 707-3053 or click the quote button below.

What Is Trenchless Irrigation? - We use trenchless pipe installation for every sprinkler job we install. Unlike conventional trenching, “trenchless” is cleaner, faster & less aggressive on turf. Only a thin line is visible from our vibrating plow blade, and many see NO visible evidence the ground was disturbed. In most cases, it looks like we were never there.

Conventional trenchers: leave behind unleveled ground taking months to settle in and for the grass to grow back looking much like scars after a surgery.

Lawn Sprinkler Installation

Our Lawns are Greener for a Reason!

 Also Available: 

- A basic blueprint/draft submitted after completion

- Free water coaching
- Ongoing sprinkler maintenance and support (sign up)
- Smart water technology upgrades to water more efficiently and save more money

All services, materials and labor are preformed with good workmanship in accordance with any and all appropriate codes, permits & laws. Our work is inspected by a city inspector within city limits. All our sprinkler materials & parts are professional grade RAINBIRD brand and are subject to RAINBIRD’s factory warranty, 3 to 5 years depending on the parts used. Installation warranty is one year. We do require a signed contract and a $200.00 deposit to secure your job on our schedule. The remaining balance will be due/paid upon completion. 

Ask about our local job references to see our good work for yourself.