10-Day Mowing: 
This is one of our best, environmentally safer lawncare practices. It’s safer for the environment and looks equivalent to a 7-day mowing schedule due to our signature slow grow fertilizer.

Mowing + Fert & Weed Control
Mowing + Fert & Weed Control + Sprinkler Maintenance 
Mowing + Fert & Weed Control + Flowerbed Maintenance + Sprinkler Maintenance 
(Commercial Only)

Bi-Weekly Mowing:
This is ideal for those with large acreage, not looking for "lawn of the month" or on a budget. This is the bare minimum that we offer.

Bi-Weekly Mowing + Weed Control Only (Economy Option)

Professional Lawn Mowing & Grooming

Mowing Packages: 

​​All mowing services are provided through a straight forward service agreement & monthly payment plan.

Our Lawns are Greener for a Reason!

As far as we know, we’re the only one around that use ultra-light weight commercial mowers. Because of their light weight, they’re less likely to leave ruts or marks in your lawn.

Our mowers are equipped with mulch kits for safety and to prevent messy grass clippings being blown into flowerbeds and other places.

Although we use conventional commercial mowers as well, our customers often compliment our superior cut quality and our slower more thorough work pace.

Our Equipment: